I thought it was about time to offer a reminder to my clients and friends on an how best to maintain their investment one has made on their Italian coffee machine. Great tasting coffee comes down to a well maintained coffee machine. Yeah we all know this, but not of all us do this religiously.  We should, since we so heavily rely on our coffee fix! So I thought to write this quick post to remind us all on 3 easy steps.

In recent years, our machines at home are getting used more and more, it is of increasing importance to maintain these correctly. Below are 3 simple tips to stay on top of your machine maintenance, this will increase the life of your machine and most importantly maintain a high quality espresso extraction.
The Group Heads – Quite a simple exercise which will eliminate grind build up throughout the inside of your machine. When grinds build up and are exposed to heat, they can cake to numerous parts of your machine and give off a stale and burnt flavour to any coffee that runs through it. The most important exercise is to to back flush your group heads. To do this simply insert a blank basket or rubber blind filter. Put a quarter of a teaspoon of Caffeto cleaner into the basket, start extraction for 5 seconds and then stop. Do this 5 times.  This circulates the clean water through the head, into the machine and cleans out any residual grind. The Cafetto cleaner will also provide instructions for the back flush process. How often I hear you ask, the more often your do this the less likely your machine will fail you and importantly you’ll enjoy great coffee. Start off with once a week for average home use or twice a week if your making a few coffees a day.
Group Handles and Baskets – To do this, simply pop the basket off of the handle and scrub any build up off of the bottom, as well as inside the head. As coffee is running through this part of the handle regularly, it can stain the sides of the handle and build up. Keeping the handles and baskets clean will ensure you receive a delicious tasting espresso and not one tainted by stale coffee residue.
Milk Wand – Old milk can easily build up on this part of your machine as it is constantly exposed to heat and can solidify. A good practice to adopt after frothing a jug of milk, is to ensure that you wipe it down, aim it away from yourself and run it through for 2-3 seconds to remove any milk from inside the wand.
The above cleaning techniques are but a few of many important habits to adopt as an espresso machine owner and are vital to the preparation of delicious espresso coffee. Feel free to call me at Uber Coffee Shop to ask for any further tips.




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